Installation Instructions: Renagate Sequential Four-Speed Shifter

Shifting Gears in order of R-N-1-2-3-4 with the gear stick always returning to center.


1. Fit mounting plate to the shifter, then bolt shifter to housing with bolts supplied.

2. (note 4) Lubricate all moving parts. Ensure new gearboxes are internally lubricated.

3. (note 1) Fit unthreaded swivel block to 1st & 2nd Lever as shown. (Figure 2)

Three selector are supplied, 2 x long for forward gears, 1 x short for reverse (Figure2)

4. (note 2) Fit selector and shift rod to 1st & 2nd  As shown (Figure 2)

Must be adjusted in every forward gear.

5. Select 1st on the shifter then on the gearbox, making sure your in gear by turning the tail shaft or input shaft. Be sure its in gear but not loading up the shifter or the gearbox. Using lock nuts adjusting 1st in gear then check 2nd is in gear. If its not in 2nd, adjust 2nd and repeat 1st Repeat until 1st and 2nd are correctly in gear.

 Moving the shifter movement left or right with in the gearbox selector movement. Repeat for 3rd and 4th. check all moving parts are not fouling.



Note 1- swivel block + shift lever + .028 x 3/8 washer + split pin

Note 2- swivel block + selector + .028 x 3/8 washer + split pin

Note 3-recheck adjustment & check the shifter or the gearbox levers are not loading up 

Note 4- Lubricate periodically or on servicing









Figure 1

#For extreme conditions wire lock all bolts.  

#8 hole Mounting plate: Use in Mounting Gear stick. Secured with Loc Tite, check for fouling shifter body.